Sexy Boy Barebacked By Muscle Stepdad


After Colin’s stepdad sent me the video two weeks ago where he fucked Colin when the boy got in trouble at school, I was dying to see more. Last week I heard from John, Colin’s stepdad, that he sent the boy to stay with John’s stepbrother. The two men have apparently been finding and sharing guys since they were in college together. According to John, the boy was happy to spend the week away from his stepdad and mom. Apparently the boy really looks forward to time spent with his stepdad’s stepbrother and refers to him as stepuncle. And after I got this video, I can see why. During Colin’s week at his stepuncle’s place, the boy had a soccer injury. He felt like he might have pulled something in his leg, up near his groin. Luckily for him, his stepuncle happens to be an doctor and knows how to treat leg pain. In this video, Colin gets a sports massage. It’s all very casual at first, just the two of them focused on the boy’s pain as Dr. Wolf examines and massages the boy’s legs. But not s

Date: December 23, 2023

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